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Taokaka Cosplay Progress Journal #3

 A third journal already!? I seem to be on a pattern here, posting every other day. Maybe I will make my progress journal days Monday, Wednesday and Friday since that's what they are right now, ha ha.

Anywho! (I always type a paragraph and then say anyways, don't I? XD)

I did a little more on my cosplay yesterday and today. It's not much but it is progress so I decided to post up somewhat of a short journal for today. Things are coming along quite well and quite fast though, I must admit. I am happy about that, since FanExpo is in less than a month!

I am confident that I will complete this cosplay for the convention though, which makes me happy :)

So, here's the new stuff that I have completed:

Her cat tail! I am so proud of this. I sewed, stuffed and put a wire(coat hanger) through the whole thing, all by myself. reastar helped me unravel the coat hanger though while I was busy stuffing the darn thing! Slow goin's XD. It is fully bendable and I can move it to whatever shape tail I want :) I am very happy with the way this turned out, it looks awesome.

Ah, the zipper pull. This thing was a hassle and a half. I've never used Sculpey clay before and let me tell you, it was hard to use. My hands were so stiff and cracking by the time I was done this silly thing. Overall, I am happy with how it turned out :) It looks really good, in my opinion.

And that's all I have for now :) I can't wait until the whole thing is put together, i'm so excited!

Coming up next:
-Tao's face(mask)
-Tail loop
-Braid rings