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BlazBlue cosplay! Taokaka Progress Journal #1

  Hey there ;D

I went out shopping with reastar and my mom today and picked up the materials I need for my Taokaka cosplay. So I decided to make a journal to show the stuff that I got :) (mostly for yepachan because I know she'll be curious ;D Ha ha ha )

I felt that it was a pretty productive day though, and i'm happy with what I got. I also got a lot of the stuff for sale which makes me happy because i'm cheap XD! Ha ha ha. Not really.... No... Actually yeah, a little bit =\ Oh well! Who doesn't like to save money? Especially with cosplays!

As I go along working with this cosplay, i'll post more progress journals to show people what I have done :)


Here is a picture of Tao for those of you who don't know who she is:


ONE: 100% Polyester stuffing for her ears, tail and some for her paws

TWO: Yarn for her braids. I was going to get wig hair extensions but I couldn't find the right length in the colour I needed so i'm doing yarn for now.

THREE: Acrylic paint for the mask i'm making for her face

FOUR: Sculpey clay for her zipper pull

FIVE: Dandelion coloured cotton (Or polycotton, I don't remember which it is..) for the yellow detailing

SIX: Orange cotton (or polycotton, again, don't remember which) for her hair ribbons

SEVEN: A cream coloured fabric for Tao's coat. This is 5.9 meters, I finished off the bolt of fabric XD

EIGHT: And last but not least, the makeshift pattern that reastar  helped me with (And by helped me, I meant she basically did the whole thing XD Thanks sister dearest! >w<! ) It's not completely right yet but it's something we can go off of :) And yes, I am aware that it is upside down XD

All of this cost me about $60 which actually isn't too bad for the amount that I got. So, I hope it turns out awesomely :)

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