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Torn Mario Princess Daisy: Tutorial (Part 2)

Back again with Part 2.

Okay. I'm going to start out with the second skirt, the top layer.

I wanted to go for something a lot shorter of a layer, like it had been totally ripped up until that point. So for the top layer I basically used a circle skirt pattern/tutorial and I think that it would be easier to just post up a link to the video that I used instead of trying to explain it, since she does a really good job at explaining how to make them.

Here it is:

And now onto the side poofs.
Basically you begin with cutting out two giant circles. From your hips, measure out by eye how low you want your side poofs to go and then multiply that measurment by 2. This will be Measurement W. 

On your orange fabric, take measurement W and measure out the height from the bottom. Divide that number in half to find the midpoint of that line and then from there, measure out the width of your circle. Draw lines or marks to help you and either free hand a circle, connecting to each point, or trace a circle big enough onto your fabric.
Should look something like this after cutting out the circle (except for the w's and guide markers):
Trace this circle onto your fabric again and cut out so you have two.
When this is done, fold each of the circles in half and with the long stich on your sewing machine (or by hand), sew along the circular edge, leaving a good length of thread at the end for gathering:

Quick gathering lesson!
Starting at one end, take either the top or the bottom thread (NOT BOTH), and pull, sliding the fabric along the thread as it bunches up, like this:

Keep gathering from one end to another until you get a desired width. I wanted mine to go from the middle of the front of the skirt, to the middle of the back of the skirt. Basically, just hold it up against your side and if you've gathered it too much, let it loose a little and make it even until it covers the side of your hip.

When you're done, it'll look a little something like this:

So, what I did was that i measured out a really long strip of orange fabric to sew the poofs onto. It was about 3 inches thick and a little bit longer than your hip measurement.
Place this strip ontop of the poofs, pin it and then sew, and then fold that baric back behind the poofs after they have both been sewn onto the strip of fabric so you can't see the raw edge.

Now, place your circle skirt underneath the poofs but overtop of the strip of fabric that they're sewn onto. Sew your yellow skirt ontop that strip of fabric but in a way so that when you fold down the side poofs, it hides the sewn line.

There's sort of a diagram for what I mean. The dotted line is the strip of fabric that is hidden inside of the yellow skirt. Orange poofs are folded up just to be out of the way while you're sewing. Fold them down after sewing the skirt to the orange strip of fabric and there's your over skirt :)

That part is a little confusing, I know. I might make a video and attach it to this if you're confused as to what to do.

Past 3 coming soon