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Torn Mario Princess Daisy: Tutorial (Part 1)

So recently I did a cosplay of Princess Daisy from the Mario world, but as a torn up and bloody jsut been through a battle sort of way :P The inspiration came from some art that my sister found by this awesome person on DeviantArt: http://thejayphenrix.deviantart.com/

My sister (http://www.facebook.com/CupcakeStarRea) was cosplaying as Rosalina and our best friend (http://www.facebook.com/pages/Yepa/204579432887964) was cosplaying as Peach.

(Photo credit: Unknown)

I know I don't really use my livejournal but there's at least one person that I know that wants this tutorial so I am making it especially for them.

So, let's begin :D

Material's you will need:

-Yellow and orange fabric.
I used about 4 meters of yellow broadcloth (Or just a basic, thin cotton fabric)
and about 2 meters of orange broadcloth.
Yellow thread

-Elastic. I picked up just a package from the dollarstore, about 1/2-1 inch thickness, enough to stretch around your waist or hips, depending on where you want the skirt to sit.

-Gauze bandages, for under the shirt.

Craft foam. For the crown.

Dark red and medium brown paint. For the blood splatters.

Sewing pins/straight pins



Okay. I started off with the long skirt. I made my skirt 2 layers because Daisy's dress in her actual art is also 2 layers, as shown here:

So for the bottom skirt, I measured my hips, and divided that measurement in half. (Example, if your hip measurement is 36, then you would have a measurment of 18.)
Then I had to add a little onto that measurement to allow for the elastic to gather the fabric. I think that I added on about 5-10 inches. (Going back to our example, you would then get a measurment between 23 and 28 inches. Whatever your preference is, depending on how much fabric you want for the bottom skirt). We'll call this Measurment X.
Take Measurment A and divide that in half again. That will be Measurement Y.
Now, measure how long you want your skirt to be. I made mine the width of my fabric, which was 45", because I wanted some to be dragging on the floor. Measure from your hips to your desired length if your preference or fabric width is different. This will be Measurement Z.

Okay, now to draw on your fabric, or you can also use these measurements to make your own pattern. I just pattern draft on my actual fabric so I never really use a pattern :P

Now, the way that I made each side is a little confusing to type out. Okay, now take your fabric and lay it on the ground. Take one end and fold it over until you have half of the desired width of the bottom of the skirt.
Here's a crappy paint diagram, LoL.

A= the folded edge/Measurement Z
B= Half of the desired bottom width measurment
The lighter yellow represents the folded fabric.

Now with a tape measure along the top edge of your fabric, measure out Measurement Y back from the folded edge and make a mark with a pencil or chalk.
Then, take your measuring tape and hold it at that point that you just draw and angle it straight down until it reaches the bottom corner of the fabric that you folded. Draw a line for reference and place your pins along that line. You should get something that looks like this:
After you pin along that line, cut it out and when you unfold it, it should look something like this:


Place this piece ontop of your fabric again, trace or just pin, and then cut out another one exactly the same.
After both pieces are cut out, pin them together on each side and sew.

Once they are sewn together, fold down the fabric from the top about an 1- 1 1/2 inces, pin, and then sew but make sure to leave about a 1-2 inch gap for feeding the elastic through the top of your skirt. This will be the casing for the elastic.

Now, stretch your elastic around your waist to see how much you will need, don't pull it too tight or else it'll probably be uncomfortable. Find a comfortable length and cut your elastic once you've figured it out.
When you finish that,  take your elastic with something to help you pull it through (I used a safety pin attached at the end of the elastic) and start feeding it through the casing that you just made, making sure that you push the fabric along the elastic and also making sure that you have a firm grip on the other end of the elastic so it doesn't snap back and ruin everything you've down so far, LoL.

When you make it to the end and the one end of your elastic is all the way through the casing, sew the two ends of the elastic together, and then sew the casing shut. Turn your skirt inside in and then viola!

The base of your bottom skirt is now complete :)


I only did the elastic thing because I thought it would be easier to give my skirt some body. You could always just make a regular A-line skirt for this and add in a zipper if you don't want your skirt to be gathered at all.

And that is part 1! I am splitting this into a couple parts because it seems like it's going to be a long one, LoL.

Let me know if you have any questions.