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AN 2011 Cosplay! Mirka Fortuna Progress #1

 Hello LJ once again!
I feel like I want to hit myself for not completing the Taokaka progress journals, I was so close!
But I finished that cosplay and it was awesome :) Maybe after i'm done Mirka (or in between progress posts) i'll post up the rest of Tao's progress.
Not sure yet though.

Anyways! Anime North '11 is coming up in 4 months and I thought that it was about time to start working on here x3
Here's a picture of the outfit i'm doing:

It is pink and frilly XD Not really like me but I love her character.

Here's what I have so far:

Around 4 metres of pink fabric 

Around 2 metres of dark purple fabric (Looks more blue in this photo though >.> )

This lace is actually light pink XP

Pink thread

And that's it for this journal :) See you on Wednesday! (going to try this Monday/Wednesday/Friday thing again. It may only be Monday's and Wednesdays or Mondays and Fridays this time though x3 We'll see, LoL)

Coming up next!
- Wig
- Dollar Store supply pictures
- Starting stages of the skirt


Very cute - looking forward to it
Thanks <3~
I'm looking forward to finishing it :)
It'll be weird seeing myself in all bright pink though XD
Yay!! :D I should be posting mine tomorrow :3 I've been to busy the last 2 days
Yay :D Can't wait to see it >w