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Finally! Cosplay Progress Journal #6

 Whooo, it's been so long since I did a progress journal ._. 


Oh well!
Anyways.. What's new with me, what's new with me since I last made a journal.. Hm..

First of all, I got a new laptop ;D Yaaayy!! It's really nice and big and my screen is a whopping 17" and I love it so much! >w<! Secondly, I got sick >.<! I went to T.O for a shopping trip and the day after I caught a cold ._. Which really sucks but it's slowly going away. Third, I got quite a bit done of the main pieces of the cosplay done. And I have pictures of them all... Except for one I think >.<! That'll be in the next one though. And finally, fourth, FANEXPO IS NEXT WEEKEND AMG! I'm so not ready ._. I'm pretty confident that i'll get everything done but.. Still.. ^^' Cutting it close.

Anyways, enough of the chatter and let's get to the pictures!

Here's what i've done:

I sewed the black detailing onto the ears so that means that the hood is completely DONE!

I got the main part of her dress/jacket cut out and sewn as well as made the mock zipper, which still needs to be sewn on as you can see here it's still only pinned on:

And I still need to figure out how i'm going to be attaching the zipper pull =\

MASSIVE SLEEVES! This is a photo of them pinned but I do have them sewn and turned inside out to be the right way. They're huge and I love them <3

Yellow bottom part of the paw details are cut out annnddd...

So is the black part. I just need to attach them together and that part will be done.

I also have the legwarmers cut out and pinned but I need to sew them and do the detailing so when I work on them i'll snap a photo and put it in the next journal.

And here's some photos for fun:

Mah sistah reastar  workin' away 8D

And here's a shot of our work room:


Anyways! That's it for now. See you all in the next journal update!~

In next journal:
- Leg warmers
- Completed Sleeves
- Completed Zipper


Awesome!!!! I'll post something tonight if I get a chance^^


Yes, you definitely should. I want to steal your wig and just wear it to school sometime XD

Re: Yes!

Nuuuu~! D: Mine!! I just got it today and already someone wants to steal it!!

lol I wanna wear it to school sometime too xD

Re: Yes!

I know right? XD! Can't wait to see it with the ponytail

Re: Yes!

I will need help putting it on^^; But now I can start on the Yin Yang.

Re: Yes!

I think we're all going to need a little help getting these cosplays on XD

Re: Yes!

Ooooo!!! I'll help :D Even if I have to get a little close and personal!!

Re: Yes!

Half the reason why you want to help is to get a little close and personal 8D

Re: Yes!

:O How could you say that about me! And here I was gonna help you guys out of the goodness of my heart :(

Re: Yes!

I meant it out of love D;! I want you in my close personal space 8D