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Taokaka Progress Journal #2!

 Hello again! I seem to be on a roll with keeping up these journals :)

I am proud of myself! 8D

Anyways, I have an update with my progress on Taokaka.
Between Monday and today I have completed her braids, ribbons for her braids and i'm mostly finished the ears that go on her hood.

Here's some pictures as proof! I know a few people have been wanting to see what i've done, LoL.

I ended up using one of those whole balls of yarn and a little bit of the second one for these braids. So that means that over 245 meters (268 yards) of tan yarn went in to making these bad boys. And they're surprisingly very light, which i'm happy about. Wig hair would have been so much more expensive,heavy, shorter and harder to work with so i'm glad that my alternative looks good :)


Next up, the ears:

I need to finish hand sewing the tips of the ears but for just learning how to use a sewing machine today, i'm very proud of myself. I think these turned out wonderfully. Sure, they're not perfect but they're perfect for me :) After I finish the tips of the ears, I need to stuff them with Poly-Fil, add the black line detailing on the seam (See below) and i'll be ready to put them on my hood... When I get around to making that 8D It's one of the next things on my list though.


Coming up in my next progress journal:
1. Completed ears
2. Cat tail
3. Possibly the hood
4. Possibly the zipper pull