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Aug. 19th, 2012


Torn Mario Princess Daisy: Tutorial (Part 2)

Back again with Part 2.

Okay. I'm going to start out with the second skirt, the top layer.

I wanted to go for something a lot shorter of a layer, like it had been totally ripped up until that point. So for the top layer I basically used a circle skirt pattern/tutorial and I think that it would be easier to just post up a link to the video that I used instead of trying to explain it, since she does a really good job at explaining how to make them.

Here it is:

And now onto the side poofs.
Basically you begin with cutting out two giant circles. From your hips, measure out by eye how low you want your side poofs to go and then multiply that measurment by 2. This will be Measurement W. 

On your orange fabric, take measurement W and measure out the height from the bottom. Divide that number in half to find the midpoint of that line and then from there, measure out the width of your circle. Draw lines or marks to help you and either free hand a circle, connecting to each point, or trace a circle big enough onto your fabric.
Should look something like this after cutting out the circle (except for the w's and guide markers):
Trace this circle onto your fabric again and cut out so you have two.
When this is done, fold each of the circles in half and with the long stich on your sewing machine (or by hand), sew along the circular edge, leaving a good length of thread at the end for gathering:

Quick gathering lesson!
Starting at one end, take either the top or the bottom thread (NOT BOTH), and pull, sliding the fabric along the thread as it bunches up, like this:

Keep gathering from one end to another until you get a desired width. I wanted mine to go from the middle of the front of the skirt, to the middle of the back of the skirt. Basically, just hold it up against your side and if you've gathered it too much, let it loose a little and make it even until it covers the side of your hip.

When you're done, it'll look a little something like this:

So, what I did was that i measured out a really long strip of orange fabric to sew the poofs onto. It was about 3 inches thick and a little bit longer than your hip measurement.
Place this strip ontop of the poofs, pin it and then sew, and then fold that baric back behind the poofs after they have both been sewn onto the strip of fabric so you can't see the raw edge.

Now, place your circle skirt underneath the poofs but overtop of the strip of fabric that they're sewn onto. Sew your yellow skirt ontop that strip of fabric but in a way so that when you fold down the side poofs, it hides the sewn line.

There's sort of a diagram for what I mean. The dotted line is the strip of fabric that is hidden inside of the yellow skirt. Orange poofs are folded up just to be out of the way while you're sewing. Fold them down after sewing the skirt to the orange strip of fabric and there's your over skirt :)

That part is a little confusing, I know. I might make a video and attach it to this if you're confused as to what to do.

Past 3 coming soon


Torn Mario Princess Daisy: Tutorial (Part 1)

So recently I did a cosplay of Princess Daisy from the Mario world, but as a torn up and bloody jsut been through a battle sort of way :P The inspiration came from some art that my sister found by this awesome person on DeviantArt: http://thejayphenrix.deviantart.com/

My sister (http://www.facebook.com/CupcakeStarRea) was cosplaying as Rosalina and our best friend (http://www.facebook.com/pages/Yepa/204579432887964) was cosplaying as Peach.

(Photo credit: Unknown)

I know I don't really use my livejournal but there's at least one person that I know that wants this tutorial so I am making it especially for them.

So, let's begin :D

Material's you will need:

-Yellow and orange fabric.
I used about 4 meters of yellow broadcloth (Or just a basic, thin cotton fabric)
and about 2 meters of orange broadcloth.
Yellow thread

-Elastic. I picked up just a package from the dollarstore, about 1/2-1 inch thickness, enough to stretch around your waist or hips, depending on where you want the skirt to sit.

-Gauze bandages, for under the shirt.

Craft foam. For the crown.

Dark red and medium brown paint. For the blood splatters.

Sewing pins/straight pins



Okay. I started off with the long skirt. I made my skirt 2 layers because Daisy's dress in her actual art is also 2 layers, as shown here:

So for the bottom skirt, I measured my hips, and divided that measurement in half. (Example, if your hip measurement is 36, then you would have a measurment of 18.)
Then I had to add a little onto that measurement to allow for the elastic to gather the fabric. I think that I added on about 5-10 inches. (Going back to our example, you would then get a measurment between 23 and 28 inches. Whatever your preference is, depending on how much fabric you want for the bottom skirt). We'll call this Measurment X.
Take Measurment A and divide that in half again. That will be Measurement Y.
Now, measure how long you want your skirt to be. I made mine the width of my fabric, which was 45", because I wanted some to be dragging on the floor. Measure from your hips to your desired length if your preference or fabric width is different. This will be Measurement Z.

Okay, now to draw on your fabric, or you can also use these measurements to make your own pattern. I just pattern draft on my actual fabric so I never really use a pattern :P

Now, the way that I made each side is a little confusing to type out. Okay, now take your fabric and lay it on the ground. Take one end and fold it over until you have half of the desired width of the bottom of the skirt.
Here's a crappy paint diagram, LoL.

A= the folded edge/Measurement Z
B= Half of the desired bottom width measurment
The lighter yellow represents the folded fabric.

Now with a tape measure along the top edge of your fabric, measure out Measurement Y back from the folded edge and make a mark with a pencil or chalk.
Then, take your measuring tape and hold it at that point that you just draw and angle it straight down until it reaches the bottom corner of the fabric that you folded. Draw a line for reference and place your pins along that line. You should get something that looks like this:
After you pin along that line, cut it out and when you unfold it, it should look something like this:


Place this piece ontop of your fabric again, trace or just pin, and then cut out another one exactly the same.
After both pieces are cut out, pin them together on each side and sew.

Once they are sewn together, fold down the fabric from the top about an 1- 1 1/2 inces, pin, and then sew but make sure to leave about a 1-2 inch gap for feeding the elastic through the top of your skirt. This will be the casing for the elastic.

Now, stretch your elastic around your waist to see how much you will need, don't pull it too tight or else it'll probably be uncomfortable. Find a comfortable length and cut your elastic once you've figured it out.
When you finish that,  take your elastic with something to help you pull it through (I used a safety pin attached at the end of the elastic) and start feeding it through the casing that you just made, making sure that you push the fabric along the elastic and also making sure that you have a firm grip on the other end of the elastic so it doesn't snap back and ruin everything you've down so far, LoL.

When you make it to the end and the one end of your elastic is all the way through the casing, sew the two ends of the elastic together, and then sew the casing shut. Turn your skirt inside in and then viola!

The base of your bottom skirt is now complete :)


I only did the elastic thing because I thought it would be easier to give my skirt some body. You could always just make a regular A-line skirt for this and add in a zipper if you don't want your skirt to be gathered at all.

And that is part 1! I am splitting this into a couple parts because it seems like it's going to be a long one, LoL.

Let me know if you have any questions.

Jan. 29th, 2011


Cosplay Progress #2- Mirka Fortuna

 Hey 8D

Uber fail on my part, I know. Posted last journal on Monday, it's now Saturday night. I suck XD
Anyways, here's the pictures of what I have:

Me with my wig on <3 I love this thing so much. It's so soft. There's more too it, you just can't see the rest behind my back x3

Some ribbon and elastic from the dollar store. Not sure why I got the elastic yet, LoL.

Some pink gem earrings and gold chains that i'm going to rip all apart and rearrange into Mirka's forehead necklace/crown/gem thingy x3 Not sure what to call it.

Invisible zipper for my skirt.

Perfect pink thigh high stockings with a bow on them! They're so cute and perfect for Mirka.

And last but not least:

My unironed and very messy looking skirt! XD It looks way better held up and it'll look better once I iron it again but Yepa wanted to see it unironed, LoL.
For not being a sewer at all, I am very proud of this.

It looks a little weird because the zipper is going in the side. The long piece of fabric is the fabric that'll be the train, but it's just all bunched up right now. I also am getting some tulle for underneath to make is Mirka poofy x3

That's it for now!

Next journal will be whenever I post something up XD

Jan. 24th, 2011


AN 2011 Cosplay! Mirka Fortuna Progress #1

 Hello LJ once again!
I feel like I want to hit myself for not completing the Taokaka progress journals, I was so close!
But I finished that cosplay and it was awesome :) Maybe after i'm done Mirka (or in between progress posts) i'll post up the rest of Tao's progress.
Not sure yet though.

Anyways! Anime North '11 is coming up in 4 months and I thought that it was about time to start working on here x3
Here's a picture of the outfit i'm doing:

It is pink and frilly XD Not really like me but I love her character.

Here's what I have so far:

Around 4 metres of pink fabric 

Around 2 metres of dark purple fabric (Looks more blue in this photo though >.> )

This lace is actually light pink XP

Pink thread

And that's it for this journal :) See you on Wednesday! (going to try this Monday/Wednesday/Friday thing again. It may only be Monday's and Wednesdays or Mondays and Fridays this time though x3 We'll see, LoL)

Coming up next!
- Wig
- Dollar Store supply pictures
- Starting stages of the skirt

Aug. 19th, 2010


Finally! Cosplay Progress Journal #6

 Whooo, it's been so long since I did a progress journal ._. 


Oh well!
Anyways.. What's new with me, what's new with me since I last made a journal.. Hm..

First of all, I got a new laptop ;D Yaaayy!! It's really nice and big and my screen is a whopping 17" and I love it so much! >w<! Secondly, I got sick >.<! I went to T.O for a shopping trip and the day after I caught a cold ._. Which really sucks but it's slowly going away. Third, I got quite a bit done of the main pieces of the cosplay done. And I have pictures of them all... Except for one I think >.<! That'll be in the next one though. And finally, fourth, FANEXPO IS NEXT WEEKEND AMG! I'm so not ready ._. I'm pretty confident that i'll get everything done but.. Still.. ^^' Cutting it close.

Anyways, enough of the chatter and let's get to the pictures!

Here's what i've done:

I sewed the black detailing onto the ears so that means that the hood is completely DONE!

I got the main part of her dress/jacket cut out and sewn as well as made the mock zipper, which still needs to be sewn on as you can see here it's still only pinned on:

And I still need to figure out how i'm going to be attaching the zipper pull =\

MASSIVE SLEEVES! This is a photo of them pinned but I do have them sewn and turned inside out to be the right way. They're huge and I love them <3

Yellow bottom part of the paw details are cut out annnddd...

So is the black part. I just need to attach them together and that part will be done.

I also have the legwarmers cut out and pinned but I need to sew them and do the detailing so when I work on them i'll snap a photo and put it in the next journal.

And here's some photos for fun:

Mah sistah reastar  workin' away 8D

And here's a shot of our work room:


Anyways! That's it for now. See you all in the next journal update!~

In next journal:
- Leg warmers
- Completed Sleeves
- Completed Zipper

Aug. 8th, 2010


Taokaka Cosplay Progress Journal #5!

 Hello people who actually like these progress journals and see them which isn't many! XD

I broke my pattern XP Oh well, who cares! I don't 8D
Anyways. I haven't gotten much progress done (I always say that now, don't I, LoL? XD) but I did get some things (mostly just 1) completed.

I also went out for sushi today with some friends! It was soo good. It was my first time trying sushi so I was kinda nervous but I was really surprised that I liked pretty much everything :) I'll definitely be going again <3

Anywho! Here's the photos of the stuff i've done:

Tao's face/mask! This is pretty much complete. I just need to make slits where my eyes are so I can see but other then tat it's totally complete :) And i'm very happy with it because it looks so cool >w<!

And secondly:

Got some buttons for her jacket. They were white, i'm painting them yellow. Not very exciting, LoL.

Anyways, that's it for now!

Links to previous progress journals:
Journal #1: majimoo.livejournal.com/1178.html
Journal #2: majimoo.livejournal.com/1446.html
Journal #3: majimoo.livejournal.com/1654.html
Journal #4: majimoo.livejournal.com/1975.html

Coming up next:
-Leg warmers

Aug. 2nd, 2010


BlazBlue Cosplay, Tao Progress #4

 Well hello again ;D
It's Monday so that means that it's Progress journal tiiimmeee!!! 

I was just about to say that I haven't done much but over the weekend, I guess what I have done is a lot, in a way. And i'm going to go see my boyfriend Adam tomorrow! <3 So i'm very excited for that but won't get to work on cosplay stuff all day. So I might not have a journal up on Wednesday but we'll see. I might get some stuff done by then ;D

I was on a caffeine high today too @.@ Had a little too much pop and then advil right after XD So i'm currently recovering from that little experience.

But without further adieu, here are the photos of what I have done!:

I got the hood finished and the ears stuffed and sewn onto the hood! This is almost complete, I just need to add the little black line details to the ears and it will be done! So excited, it looks pretty good.

Picture of hood #2!

The ears look cute <3~

I got the base of her mask done, now it just needs a few coats of paint, her face painted on it and it will be done :)

Also, not a progress picture but something I got today while I was out XD :

2 and 3 of Alice in the Country of Hearts! I love this series so much <3 These were expensive in terms of manga but I just needed to buy them!

And curse you yepachan ! I saw the next ones of manga you were collecting (Negima, D.Gray Man, etc.) And it made me die a little on the inside! Less then a month until FanExpo, I know, but still! XD! Gah!

Anyways, that's it for today :)

Coming up next:
-Completion of hood
-Completion of mask
-Possibly start of leg warmers

Jul. 30th, 2010


Taokaka Cosplay Progress Journal #3

 A third journal already!? I seem to be on a pattern here, posting every other day. Maybe I will make my progress journal days Monday, Wednesday and Friday since that's what they are right now, ha ha.

Anywho! (I always type a paragraph and then say anyways, don't I? XD)

I did a little more on my cosplay yesterday and today. It's not much but it is progress so I decided to post up somewhat of a short journal for today. Things are coming along quite well and quite fast though, I must admit. I am happy about that, since FanExpo is in less than a month!

I am confident that I will complete this cosplay for the convention though, which makes me happy :)

So, here's the new stuff that I have completed:

Her cat tail! I am so proud of this. I sewed, stuffed and put a wire(coat hanger) through the whole thing, all by myself. reastar helped me unravel the coat hanger though while I was busy stuffing the darn thing! Slow goin's XD. It is fully bendable and I can move it to whatever shape tail I want :) I am very happy with the way this turned out, it looks awesome.

Ah, the zipper pull. This thing was a hassle and a half. I've never used Sculpey clay before and let me tell you, it was hard to use. My hands were so stiff and cracking by the time I was done this silly thing. Overall, I am happy with how it turned out :) It looks really good, in my opinion.

And that's all I have for now :) I can't wait until the whole thing is put together, i'm so excited!

Coming up next:
-Tao's face(mask)
-Tail loop
-Braid rings

Jul. 28th, 2010


Taokaka Progress Journal #2!

 Hello again! I seem to be on a roll with keeping up these journals :)

I am proud of myself! 8D

Anyways, I have an update with my progress on Taokaka.
Between Monday and today I have completed her braids, ribbons for her braids and i'm mostly finished the ears that go on her hood.

Here's some pictures as proof! I know a few people have been wanting to see what i've done, LoL.

I ended up using one of those whole balls of yarn and a little bit of the second one for these braids. So that means that over 245 meters (268 yards) of tan yarn went in to making these bad boys. And they're surprisingly very light, which i'm happy about. Wig hair would have been so much more expensive,heavy, shorter and harder to work with so i'm glad that my alternative looks good :)


Next up, the ears:

I need to finish hand sewing the tips of the ears but for just learning how to use a sewing machine today, i'm very proud of myself. I think these turned out wonderfully. Sure, they're not perfect but they're perfect for me :) After I finish the tips of the ears, I need to stuff them with Poly-Fil, add the black line detailing on the seam (See below) and i'll be ready to put them on my hood... When I get around to making that 8D It's one of the next things on my list though.


Coming up in my next progress journal:
1. Completed ears
2. Cat tail
3. Possibly the hood
4. Possibly the zipper pull

Jul. 26th, 2010


BlazBlue cosplay! Taokaka Progress Journal #1

  Hey there ;D

I went out shopping with reastar and my mom today and picked up the materials I need for my Taokaka cosplay. So I decided to make a journal to show the stuff that I got :) (mostly for yepachan because I know she'll be curious ;D Ha ha ha )

I felt that it was a pretty productive day though, and i'm happy with what I got. I also got a lot of the stuff for sale which makes me happy because i'm cheap XD! Ha ha ha. Not really.... No... Actually yeah, a little bit =\ Oh well! Who doesn't like to save money? Especially with cosplays!

As I go along working with this cosplay, i'll post more progress journals to show people what I have done :)


Here is a picture of Tao for those of you who don't know who she is:


ONE: 100% Polyester stuffing for her ears, tail and some for her paws

TWO: Yarn for her braids. I was going to get wig hair extensions but I couldn't find the right length in the colour I needed so i'm doing yarn for now.

THREE: Acrylic paint for the mask i'm making for her face

FOUR: Sculpey clay for her zipper pull

FIVE: Dandelion coloured cotton (Or polycotton, I don't remember which it is..) for the yellow detailing

SIX: Orange cotton (or polycotton, again, don't remember which) for her hair ribbons

SEVEN: A cream coloured fabric for Tao's coat. This is 5.9 meters, I finished off the bolt of fabric XD

EIGHT: And last but not least, the makeshift pattern that reastar  helped me with (And by helped me, I meant she basically did the whole thing XD Thanks sister dearest! >w<! ) It's not completely right yet but it's something we can go off of :) And yes, I am aware that it is upside down XD

All of this cost me about $60 which actually isn't too bad for the amount that I got. So, I hope it turns out awesomely :)

Links to progress journals:
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